About Us

School Farms Program is a rural community-based school feeding support program that empowers local community schools to grow their own food whilst creating a space to help students gain practical skills and explore opportunities in Agriculture. School Farms Program is an initiative of Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement, a youth-led community development-based organization that creates opportunities for young people engagement for community development.

School Farms Program recognizes the link between education, nutrition and skill building and is employing community-based solutions to improve access to both. Rather than relying on only government’s subvention like school feeding grants, the School Farms Project partners with schools and local institutions to develop community-driven farms that offer experiential learning and technical training opportunities to youth and also ensure constant food supply that will keep schools open and able to provide nutritious meals throughout the school year.

These rural schools are supported by local institutions to cultivate their own food and also offer students the opportunities to gain practical skills in agriculture. The success of this project will contribute to Achieving Zero Hunger (SDG2), Reducing Inequality (SDG10) by promoting access to opportunities to gain agricultural skills and promote access to Quality Education (SDG4).

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